With a passion for helping people by doing pest control the right way, Top Notch Pest Control puts their depth of experience to work for you. 

Going against the grain, Top Notch is professional, reliable and trustworthy. Known for giving relief to homeowners and businesses, it’s time to breathe easy knowing that your home and business are being given precise and correct care.

Top Notch was never about killing pests. It was, and is, about loyal clients who have become trusted friends … that we just happen to do business with.

image of Michael and Mary Carli
Michael and Mary Carli

Michael grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. His parents owned several restaurants, all of which he split his time working in. Also, at age 12, he created a neighborhood lawn company, The Green Machine. 

In 1982, at age 19, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where he began his pest control career as an Entomology Specialist. After six years of service, Michael began Top Notch Pest Control in Pinellas County. Often enjoying 5-35% annual growth rates. 

“I made so many mistakes, but I just kept FAILING FORWARD.” -Michael Carli

The lessons of hard, honest and consistent work from his parents propelled him to persevere, regardless of the challenges. They weren’t takers, they were do-ers, providing an example of real innovators with incredible work ethic. 

Now, years later, their son, Paul “Charlie” Carli is working alongside Mom and Dad, and will most likely carry on the family business in the future. “No one knows what the future holds, but I believe success always begins with a four-letter word … a PLAN,” says Carli.

The glue. The voice of reason. Steady. Strong-willed. Compassionate. Organized.

Michael describes his bride and business partner with all of these adjectives. “Mary keeps me grounded, focused, and gives me the will and purpose to keep all things in proper perspective.” -Michael Carli

In April 2000, ten years after starting Top Notch, Mary met Michael. In 2002, they married and became business partners. 

With her background as an educator for 11 years, Mary’s organizational skills had an immediate impact on Top Notch. So much so that Michael and Mary actually provide consultation services for other pest control companies, gladly sharing what they find successful with friendly competitors. Says Mary, “There is so much business to capture, that we want good people to succeed alongside us. Some of our closest friends are in this industry with us.”

As pest control business advisors, Michael and Mary provide consulting for friendly competitors, and basically open the doors of their operation for those that want to develop a great core value system and actually practice it.

They teach and advise on what they call the eight key elements of a business. Truly, they lock arms with their clients and walk alongside them in putting systems in place to polish what they may do well or where they need direction. 

“They helped me take my business to the next level in less than six months.” –Patrick Bruner, Advanced Pest Management, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • YMCAs of the Suncoast – Chairman’s Round Table members; past board member for 13 years
  • Board members – Spark the Way, a supportive ministry for young adult cancer patients
  • Our faith – Elder, Harborside Christian Church
  • Chairman – Tampa Bay Tres Dias, a Fourth Day Movement for Christian men and women
  • Graduate – Leadership Pinellas, Class of 2014
  • Former Clearwater Chamber Small Business of the Year
  • Networks – 10-year BNI member – gold badge member