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One Treatment, One Year Guarantee

The Top Notch philosophy will always employ a less materials, less often approach. From attic to plumbing voids, foundation to entryways, our strategic and precise placement of the highest quality of pest control products are applied by technicians who experience rigorous training from our founder, Michael Carli, a former U.S. Air Force Entomology Specialist and State Certified Pest Control Operator for the past 29 years. Meet Michael and Mary on our About page.

Service on your schedule.
As a business owner, you and your team of employees should expect a work environment that’s free of insects and vermin. Top Notch will carve out a custom treatment plan that meets your budget, never interferes with work production, and will usually meet a “less often, less materials” application schedule than what is currently in place. We specialize in commercial pest control for the following types of business establishments:
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Professional/Medical Offices
  • Places of Worship
  • HOAs/Clubhouses
  • Educational/Schools
  • Restaurants/Hospitality
  • Multi-family Housing Developments
From WDO inspections to preventative treatments.

Since 1982, our founder, Michael Carli, has seen many changes and philosophies in the pest control industry’s approach to termite inspection and treatments. Top Notch will ALWAYS recommend a treatment method that best fits your home or business. Each situation and infestation is unique, and no treatment is ever identical. Our treatment and inspection list includes:

  • WDO Real Estate Inspection (complimentary for Top Notch clients)
  • Traditional Trench, Downdrill, and Injection Applications
  • Exterior Termite Baiting Systems placed on foundations
  • Non-tent Drywood Treatment Applications (when feasible)
  • New Construction or Remodel Pre-treat Soil Applications

Emergency and after-hours service available upon request.

Since 1990 ... Our clients are the reason we exist. Thank you for your continued loyalty. -Michael and Mary Carli